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Emergency Award (Gr. III): Gold Opportunity "Full Charm"

Emergency Award (Gr. III): Gold Opportunity "Full Charm"

Full of charm

Reserved for horses not having
has not won 145.000 euros, Prix Urgent excludes the best of
generation that is A sense of money, FERRETERIA and others Fado from the oak, and let it be
free "second role". Probably near worth
cracks Full of charm so there is a golden commitment when faced with

Louis Tillaye Prize Last Quarter (Group III)
At the same time, at the same time, he did not manage to climb to a level like
Eric, while giving a hard time to his partner
RAFFIN Of course, it's hard to use the course, he's already done
from his two previous victories, fortunately without
respectively. He will look again at the jockey again, but he will
It is clear that the paper, Texas Charm's son is a logical lover, in particular
that small starters should benefit.

Second no Full of charm for his first steps below the heel on October 31st about this course Fix it have got
taking into account the full satisfaction with his companions, continuing in the same way
thanks to Frank Nivar's riding, creating extra property. Yes
repeating his latest release, he declares himself the most serious competitor

Almost as rich as
Full of charm, Forbes Délo brilliantly stood out on the small track
In mid-October, the last one is disappointed, Prix Louis Tillaye. Though he
there is a good theoretical opportunity on paper so much, we note that it
never succeeded in the big song …

Absolutely perfect
since his debut competition in the spring, Fuego de Houelle riding
categories on Thursday and will try to use the slightest failure.

Even if it seems to have stopped
for the victory of a number of competitors who have already far exceeded it, Fiji
should not be considered as unforeseen. She proved her ability
a great path and a lot of goals.

France Brazil rubbed
to the best Saint-Léger des Trotteurs, followed by the Prix d 'Essay
(fifth), but it stays in two disqualifications that do not contribute

For the she is
got its only exit under the saddle, this summer in Enghien, and it will have to be done
its evidence in such a big category.

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