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Despite the crises, Facebook is stronger than ever

INFOGRAPHY – Social network next week celebrates 15 years. After a scandalous year in 2018, its services are still popular among Internet users.

Despite the scandals despite repeated excuses, despite the up and down stock market, despite Mark Zuckerberg's photographs, which was contrary to US parliamentarians, despite political and regulatory pressure: Facebook is doing very well. The social network is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary next week. And by publishing his results for the year 2018, he shows that his ship may face all the storms. The social network now requires 2.3 billion users who log on to their mobile site or app every month, or Messenger, and their main email service. It is a large number of Instagram (1 billion users) and WhatsApp (1.5 billion) large audiences. In 2018, the total sales of Facebook Galaxy amounted to $ 55.8 billion, up 37% on the previous year and earning $ 22.1 billion.

Fifteen years of Mark Zuckerberg, a student platform student …

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