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Dandy of Godrel's goal is two I PARIS TURF


Dandy of Godrela tries to go through this Sunday twice

Dandy of Godrela tries to go through this Sunday twice

Quinté + this Sunday, February 3, will take place on the race track in Vincennes. Trotter ages 6 to 8 will compete on the 2850 meter track. The recent winner of the course, Dandy de Godrel (16-Björn Goop), will try to double the bet even if it makes this distance. Dentella Bella (13-Anthony Barrier), who was well involved in distant attack, would have to answer.

Eighteen starters will start this event, some of which will be Dandy of Our Lady (16-Björn Goop), which is still convincingly successful on a plot of land in a higher party – Prix Michel-Marcel Gougeon (G.III). He started on the first day after that day, winning at 1 & # 39; 14 & # 39; & # 39; This time, 25 meters long, his mentor remains positive: " He did not give up his goal: to win the race during the meeting. It has recovered perfectly, but as it has to take twenty-five meters, we need to build our optimism. "A recent fourth of many women on the big track Dentella Bella (13-Anthony Barrier) his coach Jean-Paul Marmion said: "Recently she hit the mountain too fast. She paid to finish it; it is at least my opinion. She has recovered well. She has a nice race. As Antoine Wiels is in Machecoula, it will be headed by Anthony Barrier. card to start playing, but don't put red first. "

The latest winner in the province Dune Concert (11-Matthew Abrivard) it seems better to turn left now when he turned out to be on the Cagnois racing track in early January. Cidjie of Guez (12-Jean-Michel Bazire) not safe from joke, but wise, it can compete in the first places.

To review Godrel's Dandy race:

Since the Cagnois ring has shown its last form, Blacky from Cambron (10-Eric Raffin) will be introduced to barefoot to debut in Vincennes. Attention! At 25 meters Landes Goddess (17-Laurent-Michel David) and Dancing Love (18-Jean-Philippe Monclin) go down a bit of class and obviously have a card to play enjoy the custom rate.

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