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"Cheikh Oumar Sy Djamil, with this documentary, you hit hard! (Seydi Djamil Niane)

The Museum of Black Civilization will certainly remember this date because it is historic. The tears of the spectators, I saw them together with another smile and applause and other party screams, which are predominantly dominated by emotions, this evening on January 24, 2019.
As you came several hundred people, we present the fruits of six years of work. The six-year process of self-denial, exploration and production, with a small amount of resources, created the great documentary Serigne Mansour Sy Boroom Daaraji: Journey to a Decent Intellectual World.
It is a historical fact, cultural, but also academic. Historical as it is the first of its kind. Culture, because it is an artistic production that speaks of Senegal's legend. But this is the most interesting thing for me, the academic dimension of the work.
Academic because you talked about the most famous Senegalese academics. Dr. Bakary Sambe, Professor Souleymane Bachir Diagne or Mamadou Diouf, all familiar with the rigor they show in their scientific work.
Academic in nature, as well as the essence of what is being discussed elsewhere Professor Ousmane Kane is calling for the reimbursement of knowledge in West Africa. How do you explain that Serigne Mansour Sy Boroom Daaraji, with hundreds of scientific works in poetry, does not get the same attention as Voltaire, Sartre or Nietzche in our education and university system? This is the question posed by this cinematic realization. I consider the example of Boroom Daaraji as the film was dedicated to him, but the same can be said of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, Sheikh Ibrahim Nias, or Elhadji Malick Sy, who is not familiar with the Senegalese people. quote them.
This topic, considered by the film, deserves reflection panels and has long been defending its school, which today does not relate to the anthropological and sociological reality of the state.
But that's not all. Boroom Daraji, which you presented to us, is a determined intellectual. Thanks to this spirit of determination and practice in scientific theories, he has worked on his work to resolve the conflict between ethnic groups, Casamance, which lasted for more than forty years. In just ten days, Serigne Mansour has solved the problem that no politician has been able to solve four decades.
I accept this text to encourage all the institutes and centers of this country, schools and research laboratories, associations and institutions to do so, I said impossible to see this beautiful film Sheikh Oumar Sy Djamil. This kind of work should be supported by everyone as far as it contributes to the influence of our national culture and helps to improve our education system.
Sheikh Oumar Daal Gaaca Ngaalaama
Dr. Seydi Diamil Niane
Dakar, January 29, 2019

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