Saturday , July 24 2021

CESTI: Cousson Traoré Sall "more than ever optimistic" at his school

Dakar, April 9 (APS) – Cousson Traoré Sall, Director of the Information Science and Technology Studies Center (CESTI), said she was more than ever an optimistic school of journalism, which has been teaching journalists for several years as an image reporter.

"We are more than ever optimistic about the future of the school. I will do my best to ensure that the school is respected in Africa and the world," said CESTI director during a visit to Senegal's Press Agency (APS).

"Despite these shocks of the last moments, we have been able to stay on course and for many years we have adapted to the needs of the market. For a few years we have been training image reporters (JRIs).

She said she came "advice" from APS, "a natural partner," she said. "We will think jointly about a formal and formal partnership with APS," added CESTI director, feeling happy to "find his former students".

"We have integrated state languages ​​and other languages; in addition to wolof, this year we started with sereer and pulaar and even mandarin," she said.

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data) is also one of CESTI's lessons since this year.

She discovered that the UCAD School of Journalism "sought out space for more students to recruit". "We also have a new building with a 120-seat amphitheater and three classes," she said.

"After temporary admission, we plan to develop new media this year, such as technicians, sound recorders, operators," she said.

APS CEO Thierno Birahim Fall says CESTI is considered a "natural partner". "It is the largest school of journalism in French in Africa," he said.

He welcomed the visit, stating that "former school students are one of our best writers".

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successful partnerships that held us, ”he said.

He promised that APS "will work with CESTI. T

its many products'. "We are ready to support the school, especially in terms of content in some areas, such as the environment, migration," he continued.

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