Monday , October 18 2021

Celine Dion weighs her words on Pepe and ever less on the scales; Alessandra Sublet prefers the new girl's style; Iris Mittenaer celebrates her 26th birthday with her dancer, but without Keva; Cyril Lignac & Marine is moving, Brad & Angie is fighting for division


Alessandra Sublet in Love

Publicly announces a rag on the front. Alessandra sublet is "love with a 29 year old guy"! Slightly larger than the photo, in smaller characters, "The 42-year-old landlord calms himself with Jordan!" But nowadays it's still an event? A knowledgeable, telling that the young divorced and her favorite was part of a group of friends. And then, "at times when they had fun together, they finally became obvious: they squeeze one another." They leave each other with a banal airport hall that turns into a romantic movie view, it's teasing, it's a hit, it's cuddling, and it rolls huge shovels, looks like two teens who coo! ma, who adds a little heavy, "frankly, we just notice that she is 42 years old and she's only 29 years old!" According to the public, Jordan "holds an art gallery in the Alps-Maritime", without further information. as a "strong-hearted lover" he deals with high-speed driving, extreme diving, jet skiing and skateboarding … "On the screen, like in life, quadra is more radiant than ever. Finally, we know why," closes public

Celine, his "friend" Pepe and his lost kilograms

For Peter Munoz, a friend of Celine Dion, people's magazines do not dare to talk about their "boy". And yet the lady who spent "Fashion Week" in Paris is in all magazines, photographed more eccentric clothes than each other, but also the hands of her favorite dancer. "Pepe is just a friend," writes Closer on the cover; and inside the pages, the mag takes singer's statements in the British newspaper Sun … It's subtle: "Yes, I have a man in my life … It's not my life We are friends, the best friends in the world, we are, and we hold hands, but Pepe does it when we go because he is a lord. "Could be added: the perfect gentleman, very sincere. This is because Celine Dion is currently very weak, if not very skinny: "she has only skin and bones," writes Closer. "Her sudden plan has caused a great reaction during the parade," the Society worries, adding that "it is clear that the diva lost a lot of weight in a short time." Mag asked her opinion to a nutritionist who adds: "It's crazy, it seems ten years before the diagnosis was made": "I think Celine did depression …." That would be behind her. The society is trying to convince its readers, reminding them that "only in 50 years will the diva stop his career …"

Brandgelina, a tight reunion with a lawyer

"They see each other again!" or "They see each other again" This thunderstorm statement is here about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who would think that both stars have been accused if only to complete the divorce. The pictures of their meetings taken from afar, at their law firm's office, are in all human magazines. Although clichés are very, very obscure, we think the atmosphere is not fun. Because here is the "terrible cold war that ended on January 25, because both participants finally agreed to meet again to complete the divorce and discuss their child custody." But ma, like his colleagues, explains that "this meeting took place in a tense atmosphere, as Brad wants to return to the November Interim Agreement to get longer and Angie opposes it". Closer to write "that they can't look at each other without reluctance", and notes that "it has been more than nine hundred days since the actor was not seen by his offspring" … In any case, the Gala would like the Roman rumors between Brad Pitt and Charlie Theron would be implemented. "Finally, a credible story between two living alive, between the two stationary stars," writes a letter that reminds both participants of a commercial movie shooting at the Breitling watch brand. Suddenly there are pairs of pictures, even if we don't know if fiction will become a reality!

Cyril Lignac, lucky

Cyril Lignacs and the Sea are still in love, and everything seems to be the best for this couple who is telling us that "he changes his life for the sea". Don't think they're retiring to an abandoned island … Cyril Lignac is always "full of projects", because, above all, his private life with the Sea is his top priority. "You just have to realize that their faces are illuminated, and their eyes are gentle when they walk in the streets of Paris at the end of January to guess that their hearts are united," squeezes out the magic. According to the "close" couple, "Cyril has changed … He has always invested in his work, but Marine now occupies an important place in his daily life" … lovers do not leave each other and spend almost all their free time together. And, wonderfully, "he reveals that he can reconcile his personal and professional life", and it seems "decided to take a new step" because he "" just bought an apartment in one of the elegant districts. Paris, whose aim was to become their cozy nest, ”says here, which indicates that it is not a matter of marriage right now. "Both are convinced that they don't need them to be happy together," writes the Master, whose photographers will probably take their quarters in the footsteps of Cyril Lignac's next building.

Iris Mittenaere dances again with Anthony

Was it about an event or a real reunion? In any case, the former Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaer, once again saw and danced with Anthony, the beautiful child she competed in Dals, and at that time their relationship was much newer and created a lot of "issues. In fact, Iris celebrated her 26th birthday on January 25 After the race, the event took place in a 110 square meter roof building on the Champs Elysées, with breathtaking views of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, Miss France Vaimalama Chaves, and former queens including Marine Lorphelin, Laury Thilleman, Flora Coquerel or Malika Menard. Among the guests was "sexy Anthony Colette and a beautiful woman danced in the wild cha-cha-cha." According to the witnesses, "Alchemy has returned just like in the good old days … we were perfectly united between the two Kev Adams, the bride of Iris, was not present, but according to the Company went, "the actor split the kiss into his beautiful Insta …. to promote his performance". And the magician concluded: "The heart of Iris is like the universe … filled with secrets …"

Brigitte Macron, Reduced Popularity

"Madam President," this is the title of the new book dedicated to Brigitte Macron. According to authors Nathalie Schuck and Paris journalists Ava Djamshidi, his wife is "chief advisor to the head of state". Brigitte Macron is on the Closer cover whose survey was conducted on her popularity and on the first lady who was previously Harris Interactive Institute …. "Criticized, insulted, full of popularity … women support her title mag. is pretty mixed: 51% of French speak good, but the first lady has lost 5 popularity points since September, 60% believe it is "bling bling." Finally, 70% of French (including 73% of women) believe that Brigitte Macron is too criticized for "her age." In Paris, following the official coup d'état in Egypt, she describes fusional relationship between Emmanuel and Brigita and tells that Abu Simbel's temple "both spouses love, often attracted …"

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