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CAN 2019 – Algeria: 25 Togo, Bentaleb released, Belaïli recalled

Despite a number of clear opportunities, Toulouse was very real in the Stadion against the Amiens squad (0-1). Picard leaves the barrage spot, while the Violet continues the bad series.


In football, it's all about efficiency. The game between Toulouse and Amiens has made it possible to perfectly illustrate this cruel observation, some of which are undoubtedly considered to be true. Throughout the game Violet has managed to provide many opportunities. However, they did not convert either, not the transverse (3.), Regis Gurtner (14, 25, 39, 69), the brave Amoi's defense or VAR, which prompted the referee to cancel the target Max-Alain Gradel tainted with a position offside for at least very small (66.). TFC tried everything, nothing was done: the ball was not finished at the bottom of the net. CSA did not do so many ways and found a draw in his only game, signed by Alexis Blin. The player lent … Toulouse armed with a shot from the right that Baptiste Reynet could not be sufficiently diverted (27.).

In the absence of certainty, Toulouse is overthrown – in vain – all the forces in the battle at the end of the meeting. Now there are ten consecutive games (in all competitions) without the victory of Haut-Garonne, who have doubts shaken doubtfully, and it will be difficult to stop this negative spiral within two weeks at the Parc des Princes. Pink City Club does not do anything, but for the Samaritans, of course, now breathe a little better. Realistically, Christophe Pelissier's men were able to stay stable, thanks in particular to Gurtner's excellent form. Amiens gets his first victory outside the season and leaves space bar.

Game movie

3 minutes
The first opportunity for Toulouse! At the moment when Max-Alain Gradel accelerates on the left, go to the surface and wipe it to the right. Defeated, Regis Gurtner is saved by his cross! The action continues, and Aaron Leya Iseka can not push the ball at the bottom of the low cross from Jimmy Durmaz!

14 minutes
Full length was served by Yannick Cahuzac, Max-Alain Gradel thrown at the right. Régis Gurtner quickly mocks and kidnaps Côte d'Ivoire's attempt! François Moubandjé's ability to knocked it in for a corner kick.

25 minutes
Christopher Jullien removes Jimmy Durma from the corner kick. An attacker far from the empty post Manu Garcia takes the ball away from the head in the near range. Régis Gurtner is on parade!

27 minutes (0-1)
Amiens opens ratings! After one or two Saman Ghoddo, Alexis Blin strikes straight at the entrance. Baptiste Reynet can only scratch a bomb that stops your race deep inside the net!

39 minutes
Jimmy Durmas recovers the bomb around the Amiens area and serves Aaron Lee Isek, who is trying to do everything right. Régis Gurtner halts the ball in two stages!

84 minutes
Born to touch, Firmin Mubele shifted his head to Max-Alain Gradel, who controlled the ball and regained his rights. The attempt by Stefanos to go straight ahead of Régis Gurtner's goal!

94 minutes
After Jimmy Durma's free time, Balloon sails and Max-Alain Gradel appear to put their head on. Regis Gurtner relaxes well and eliminates danger!

Tops and flops


Last season, Regis GURTNER was one of Amiens's main Amigo craftsmen, Ligue 1. This Saturday, the former goalkeeper Luzenac made a brilliant game in a series of bad attempts (14, 25, 39, 94). He missed the attackers of Toulouse, in particular Max Alain Gradel.

Alexis BLIN played a tricky trick on his own workout club. One player (place 27), the player lent to Toulouse, has recovered many bombs and could help his defense when it was invested. He did not deny his achievement, which can only honor him.

Although he did not succeed Saman in gaining a fair chance GHODDOS has been very useful on the CSA side. Iran served as a support point for its teammates and was only in its broadcasts. Soldier Alexis Blin (27th place), replaced by Steven Mendoza (81th place).

the fall

Aaron LEYA ISEKA Is there really a stoppage income? The second in a row played and the second disappointment from the Belgian striker, who was everywhere … and nowhere at all. Replaced by Firmin Mubele (80th).

Technically easy MANU GARCIA Sometimes it tends to play it too easily in your camp. The player is often physically defeated in duo, too rarely confirmed his passing quality. Except for the final match, which was ultimately rejected out of turn (66th place).

Yannick Cahuzac uses Ibrahim Sangaré's injury to take possession of the midfield. Usually it's so expensive to recover, Corsica has not had the usual performance, and sometimes it is a bit of an easy mark. He especially left too much space for Alexis Blin, who was able to adjust his shot (27).

The judge reports

There was tension in the field, but Mr Wattellier was able to follow. The referee could rely on his video assistant to finally abandon the goal in Toulouse to win half of the big-size Matthieu Dossevi (66th place). VAR also asked the man at the end of the black match after the possible hand – and not shown – Thomas Monconduit in his place (97).

Game page

L1 (Day 13) / TOULOUSE – AMIENS: 0-1

City Stadium (approx. 13830 people)
Good weather – the lawn is in good condition
the judge : M.Wattellier (7)

the aim : Blin (27) Amiens

warnings : K.Sidibe (45.), Gradel (80.), Cahuzac (89.) Toulouse – Adenon (31) Amiens

expulsion : Are not

Reynet (5) – Moreira (5), Amian (5), Jullien (5), Moubandjé (5) – K. Sidibe (5), then Dossevi (58th place), Cahuzac (4) – Durma (6), Manu Garcia (4), Gradel (cap) (6) – Leja Iseka (3), then Mubel (79th)

Did not go : Goikoechea (g), I.Sylla, Bostock, Bodiger, John
trainer : A. Kazanova

Gurtner (8) – Gouano (cap) (5), then Otero (55th), Adenon (6), Dibassy (6) – Krafth (5), Monconduit (6), Blin (6), Lefort (5) – Gnahore (6), Ghoddos (6), then Mendoza (81st place), Ganso (6) then El Hajj (place 72)

Did not go : Dreyer (g), Kurzawa, Bodmer, Timite
trainer : C.Pélissier

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