Saturday , January 16 2021

C25 calls on the people of Senegal to resist any means of campaigning

XALIMANEWS: Meeting today at Bokk Guiss-Guiss Headquarters, 25 opposition leaders forming the C25 have decided to face up to power. The gang of Malick Gakou, Ousmane Sonko and Co has released a statement in this direction. "C.25 calls for the mobilization of all segments of the population, all civilian, military and paramilitary voters, students, trade unions and the press to prevent re-election in the first round of Macky SALL fraud. C25 pays special attention to the coordination of municipalities and neighbors, especially with regard to youth and youth. The participation of women in slogans will be attended by 14 regions and diasporas throughout the country in the current week to inform and educate activists and citizens about practical resistance measures, ”he says.
These opposition leaders, most of whom have seen their candidacy in the rejection of the Constitutional Council, "asks the Senegalese people to consider Macky SALL as a candidate excluded from the presidential election of 24 February 2019, and opposes any means of conducting his election campaign."

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