Saturday , February 27 2021

Business Karim Wade: National lawyers ask for a fee

My Feliks Sova, Bassirou Ngom, El Hadji Diouf, Yerim Thiam, Aly Fall, Bityeye, Moustapha Mbaye, Simon Ndiaye, Suleiman Makodou Fall and William Burdon know more than the one to whom he was a saint. These black dresses defended the beaks and nails for the Senegalese national interests in Karim Wade. But three years later, they still work behind their fees.

Tired of waiting, they plan to fight to enter their funds. And, according to Echo, lawyers have already devised a response plan, because they can no longer trust the state. Under the agreement, they should have received 2% of the amounts recovered as part of the tracking of improperly acquired assets.

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