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Beirut, even further from America …

It is far from the new Mexican childhood and America, he no longer recognizes that Zach Condon has revived, as evidenced by the new album inspired by his band Beirut, coinciding with Berlin and the Italian countryside.

At the age of twenty, it was a music that allowed Santa Fe to escape from her bedroom with old songs that filled trumpets and choirs that seemed right from the Balkans. Interestingly, the project's name is Beirut, although the person concerned has nothing to do with Lebanon. Twelve years later, living in New York and Paris and experiencing heights and falls, Zach Condon set his bags and his instruments in Berlin. But the city is ultimately irrelevant: it is in a studio surrounded by his ukulele, organs, trumpets and drum machines that he would be well spent "the rest of his days," says the singer who only dreams of "hiding" on stage!

Creative trance

When others proudly display photos for children or holidays, he pulls his smartphone to admire one of his mixing consoles filled with colorful cables. Nothing is more important to him, he asserts than to immerse in music, searching for the smallest buzzing, crippling, creaking. Gallipoli, a song that gives his title to the new CD that will be released tomorrow, was born after long hours of apnea in the studio, "creative trance".

This type of search and composing alone brought her back to her first solo album Gulag Orkestar (2006). From the first remarks of the new record we find the same atmosphere at once in melancholy and warm (when I die). "It was the discovery of old feelings in the natural way this album arrived, liquid," says thirty musicians, who are easily installed in Beggara, his recording company, Paris. "You have to forget the idea that you are a well-known musician and that there are critics and audiences at the end of the process. The goal was just to be in the studio and go home every night, satisfied with what I wrote …" he adds.

The recording took place in Puglia, southern Italy, and ended at home in Berlin. A practical issue, given New York rates, but also a true European tropism. "Berlin wasn't really on my radar … I liked it, but I never thought I lived there in one day. I've always been interested in Paris, New York, or Istanbul, but it was finally, and I'm happy with it!"

American disliked

Europe, from April (Brussels 2, Paris 5, Bourges 17, etc.) before it takes place in North America. United States: "I haven't been because I live in Berlin … and it's very good," he says. "I've done with this country, it's a waste of time," says the musician. For centuries, half of the country that is more or less enlightened is trying to get the other half to its advantage. "

Failure of his songs not to say: "Music is too valuable to say something as stupid as this country. I have nothing against political songs, but I do not want to tone my political music," says Zach Condon. that causes me problems, although I want them to be important. To be honest, I never listen to other people's music about the song. It's been 32 years, my whole life, that I listen to the beach boys, and I still don't know half of the words, ”says the singer who has slipped in three tracks.

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