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ASSEMBLY – Ministry of the Interior budget for 2019: Aly Ngouille weighs more than CFA 125 billion

At the National Assembly, the interior minister, whose budget has increased by more than 2 billion CFA francs, is returning to the French-led French-speaking French case and the construction of new police stations.

It's time to pay for accounts and lighting, after ten hectic days. In front of Members yesterday, the Interior Minister and State Security returned to abandon the endorsement organization Enda Lead Francofoni in Africa, a movement partner Y & # 39; s fed up with. Initially, he said that Enda-lead is not a non-governmental organization, but a foreign association under Senegalese law, which has the same permission as nearly 19,000 other unions. It goes on to say that the method of financing it is governed by the Code of Civil and Commercial Commitment. "We have 574 Ong There are about 124 NGOs that follow approvals, investment requests and control mechanisms, but others do not follow it." We have about 63 NGOs that are not part of the Ministry of the Interior and operate in the country, and we have to deal with it. she was to participate in the funding she did not need to do, "said Aly Ngouille Ndiaye. Parliamentarians asked about the need to open police stations and build administrative buildings throughout Poland, the minister said he was working there. He says 2019 fiscal year is still an effective start for a large three-year program to build strategic services. The planned reinforcement of firefighting equipment, but also security will be strengthened everywhere in Senegal.
The budget of the Ministry of the Interior is being suspended at 125 billion 118 million 917 thousand 622 CFA francs in 2019 against 122 billion 785 million 731 thousand 360 CFA francs in 2018, which is 2 billion 333 million 186 thousand one thousand, 262 CFA francs in absolute value and 1 , 9% of the relative value. MPs voted on Tuesday.

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