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Almost 20 years after her death, the novelist Hélène Bessette comes out of oblivion


Marguerite Duras talked about "extraordinary rarity" talent. However, Hélène Bessette, considered one of the pioneers of the "poetic novel", died in 2000 of anonymity. Today she returns to light.

In the 1960s, the literary world popularized the fact that all of his work would be published a little over a century after its birth in 1918, and his last novel that appeared in his lifetime came from the theater.

Robert Cantarell and Nicolas Maury led "East or delirium" (1973), produced and released last week by Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand before traveling to France.

On the stage, several female voices, embodied by actress Florence Giorgetti, on the stage, painted the fate of Ida – pure ladies who just died under the wheels of trucks.

In the felted living room, the audience fluctuates between laughter and fear, and questions the social conventions and class struggle at the Bessette work center.

This amazing text is marked by autobiographical elements: a former teacher, Hélène Bessette, tried to live from writing, living in New Caledonia with her evangelical pastoral husband. She had signed ten novels in Gallimard (from 1953 to 1973) and repeatedly nominated Goncourt to never fail.

The family offensive costume that identified itself in one of his books, which had the same name as the novel, began to diminish.

Then, far from Paris and her literary circles, she was affected by money problems during the rest of her life and became a janitor and hostess, especially in the family of former socialist prime minister.

She quits her lonely day in almost complete poverty, on the edge of paranoid madness.

Almost famous

While selling some books, this writer "No concession" and "Hard character" matte, but celebrity.

"We are some, including Raymond Queneau and Nathalie Sarraute, to admire and deeply regret the silence associated with publishing his novels", wrote Marguerite Duras about it in 1964 in a manifesto named "Read Hélène Bessette", praising "Emergency Shortage" his talent.

Robert Cantarella and Nicolas Maury (d)

Robert Cantarella and Nicolas Maury (d), Hélène Bessette's "East or Delirian" directors, 24 January 2019, Comedy de Ferermand© AFP Thierry Zoccolan

"His time was very modern. She wanted the novel to make her revolution, like painting with cubism or music with dodecaphonism., says Robert Cantarella.

she "Fragmented, fragmented writing", looks like that "Rubik's Cube". "The reader needs to understand how it works", emphasizes actor and director.

The writer who created "Poetry novel" said she would be known twenty years after her death. "Here we are"still emphasizes theater people.

"One feels joy, discovery, good name. We are at the head of some article., discovered by Nicolas Maury, especially known that he has made an actor in this series "Ten percent".

Fourteen unpublished novels, as well as six completely unpublished novels and five collections of papers, newspapers and brochures by 2021, must be published again in Nouvelle Attila's editions.

"She is an author so far, who is interested in art today and will be subject to new adjustments"explains Benoît Virot, the founder of this publishing house.

Retouching a novel The Great Walk next March is scheduled for Paris Book Fair.

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