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Alain Mabanckou, Intercontinental Writer


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Franco-Congo Alain Mabanckou, the main figure in French literature, criticizes both the temptation of the community in Africa and France's complacency with the continental autocratic regimes. Wearing a happy and engaging voice.

He chose the toucans. The symbol is mandatory. Toucan as boucan Toucan, for example, this tropical bird who likes to be heard. Not at all, the writer Alain Mabanckou, whose highlighted notes is hearing, denies, but louder and louder. He could also choose butterflies, birds, or flowers. He owns a shirt a hundred, perhaps a hundred and fifty, he buys ten, this is his little joy.

This morning he picked up one similar to a pile. A blessed motif that matches his eternal fun and the place where he gets in Paris. The walls are surrounded by a garden, from the city's temples, with a sunny terrace and multicolored chairs.

Working for the United States and a French, French, and Congo writer for six months in Récollets, the former monastery became the residence of the artist at Gare de l'Est. He likes the atmosphere, "The opportunity to come to another small country" as well as an indoor bar that is a nightclub.

But be careful, Alain Mabanckou is not there (it) to run smoothly. He contributes his twelfth novel Stork is immortal (Threshold). The book is more politically than ever, where the small family history is wasted with the great story. He narrowly missed the Grand Prix in the novel Académie française and this literary prize for the week was not included in any list. This does not prevent her book from taking the 10th position from the best-selling fall novels, according to GFK's estimates on October 31st.

The author also writes a francophone book with one of the most prominent African intellectuals, Cameroon's Achille Mbembe, who teaches history and political science in Johannesburg (South Africa). Brochure, which is scheduled for 2019, which generates noise. Because a man with Toucans has learned to hate.

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