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Against the import of 30 thousand tons of sugar: Css employees March on Saturday

Richard Toll's people and employees of the Senegal Sugar Company (Css) decided to organize March in protest against the permission to import 30,000 tonnes of sugar to traders.

The decision of the Macki Sall government to allow Senegalese traders to import 30,000 tonnes of sugar not only made him happy. Strong against this decision, which could endanger their business, workers, Senegalese sugar company (Css) and Richard Toll residents want to arrange tomorrow's Saturday's protest in March Richard Toll.
Club-sponsored press conferences were attended by club retirees, village leaders, carriers, youth movements, breeders, trade unionists, active workers and other, strongly mobilized, red bracelets tied around the head or hand. as a large General Assembly. Pocker Samb, union leader and press spokesman on the day of the debate on behalf of the general assembly, said it was very worrying that they decided to convene the meeting. The object, he says, "is the decision of the Minister of Trade to allow the importation of 30 to 70 thousand tons of sugar traders." He pointed out that the team of staff delegates, women and all club associations decided to work with village leaders, youth movements and even political parties to defend a society that could face great difficulties because of this decision. According to Mr Samb, the group aims to "call on the whole of this beautiful world for a major December 1 ride to ask the country to stop the import of this sugar permit and show the same government that workers are not satisfied and worried about their future, because society , living for the whole territory of several thousand people, is decreasing. "According to Pocker Samb, 10 trade unions have been mobilized with these actors to end this measure, which is not the first trade minister of this kind, and which, if approved, could lead to all kinds of problem in css within seven months.
This meeting states that a union member who has arrested President Macky Sall is just a warning to the authorities. "We draw the call to the President of the Republic, we do not take politics, we are not involved in the political interests, but we oppose anyone to defend our interests," he said.
This Sunday afternoon, December 1st, will be just the first act, warns Pocker Samb, because if there's nothing lucky then it will not be ruled out that the movement is being moved to Dakar to create the day the city died. It also points out that if nothing is done after this second act, the movement could become a political movement to continue the struggle, a struggle for survival for workers, their families and all involved members of Css.

Lamotte, Ca member: "Everything can happen"
At the same time, board member Louis Lamotte recalled that last year the same situation happened and caused all kinds of problems with Css, which had remained for seven months without selling sugar, which had prompted the persons responsible for the box to force the banks to go on debt and Pdg, Jean Claude Mimran, pay salary. He adds that even before Css ends paying off its debts, this new event has still been grafted out and could have unsuccessful effects, as the box may even close. "Everything can happen," said Lamotte, who said that "the import action applies to only four people who are not all traders and that can endanger the interests and lives of thousands of people for thousands of people. He calls on all involved to be seriously mobilized to defend The box is scheduled for March this year.
Box managers also raised their voices. Assou Gnabaly, president of the association, believes that service providers, among other things, social responsibility, can bear the consequences of this government measure. "Nothing justifies import permits," he adds, before he urges the president to end it until it's time.
Already last Sunday, which took place after a hike organized as part of 2018/2019. The launch of the annual sugar production campaign, coffee directors called on the country to review its decision. The latter said that Css hangars have enough sugar and that this stock could meet the national consumption needs. They added that the trade minister's move is bad, as it happens when Css uses its KT200 program, which will allow Senegal to ensure sugar self-sufficiency.

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