Monday , October 18 2021

After US employment, the US dollar remains behind the euro


New York (awp / afp) – The US dollar continued to fluctuate against the euro on Friday, despite more jobs in the United States than expected in January, the US currency suffers from an environmentally favorable pause. US interest rate rise.

At 20:00 GMT (21H00 CET), the euro was 1.1460 dollars compared to 1.1448 on Thursday at 2200 GMT.

On Friday, investors learned about a monthly report on US employment, reporting 304,000 jobs in the country, while analysts waited 165,000. Average hourly wages increased slightly by 0.1%, while analysts predicted + 0.2%.

When the report was released, the dollar improved shortly before it erased its profits. It remained against the euro.

However, a strong labor market shows a healthy economy, and the US central bank (Fed) wants to raise interest rates, which in principle make the dollar more attractive and attractive.

But after the monetary policy meeting on Wednesday ended, "The Fed has proposed stabilizing rates in the near future and even open the door to the worst-case scenario at lower rates," said Joe Manimbo. Western Union.

As a result, "expectations have worsened against the dollar" even before the employment report, he said.

Even the release of data showing a slowdown in euro area price inflation to 1.4% in January, compared to 1.6% in December, did not favor the dollar against the euro.

"The unexpected improvement in base inflation (excluding energy and food costs) helped limit the negative impact on the single currency," however, Mr Manimbo refused to justify relative health. euro.

In this context, "cautious turnover" for US rates, as MUFG analysts say, the new market currencies are in turn supported by the Fed's timeline, with a significant portion of their debts being denoted by negative values.

Since the beginning of September, the real proportion of the Turkish Lira, South Africa and Brazil is 27%, 16% and 14% respectively.

Among the other currencies, on Friday, 20.00 GMT, the dollar rose against the yen, 109.53 yen to $ 108.89 on Thursday, 2200 GMT, as did the euro, 125.52 yen per euro against 124 euros. , Thursday.

The US currency strengthened against the pound sterling – 1.3082 dollars per pound against the quarterly 1.3109. The British currency also traded 87.60 euros on Friday, compared to 87.32 days earlier.

The Swiss franc fell against the euro, 1.1405 Swiss francs per euro against 1.1381 on Thursday, and against the green price of 0.9952 Swiss francs to one dollar against 0.9942 Thursday evening.

The Chinese currency finished 6,7422 yuan per dollar, compared to 6,661 days earlier.

The gold ounce was $ 1,313.74, compared to $ 1,321.21 Thursday.

Finally, according to data collected by Bloomberg, bitcoin sells US $ 3,442.44 against Thursday night.

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20H00 GMT 22H00 GMT

EUR / USD 1.1460 1.1448

EUR / JPY 125.52 124.65

EUR / CHF 1.1405 1.1381

EUR / GBP 0,8760 0,8732

USD / JPY 109.53 108.89

USD / CHF 0.9952 0.9942

GBP / USD 1.3082 1.3109

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