Friday , June 2 2023

Abdourahmane Baldé, who is also the Doura of the Straight Movement Kolda, offers 6,000 school sets for the vulnerable and includes them in the CMU.


The Kolda Vertical Movement (MKD) launched its second battle against dropping out this Saturday, December 5, at CEM 1 College in Kolda. To support students from disadvantaged backgrounds, the movement has put on 6,000 school kits. table to raise the last level.

Through this gesture, the movement, led by its President Abdourahmane Baldé alias Doura, reaches the bed of orphaned students and those whose parents are vulnerable. With this noble action, the Kolda Standing (MKD) movement is providing relief to parents in these times of crisis associated with Covid-19. In this case, students were offered school kits consisting of exercise books, geometric material, pens and backpacks. And cake icing, recipients will be automatically registered through the universal health coverage. But the movement does not intend to stop in such a good way, as it plans to expand its activities throughout the department or even the region for the great happiness of the people; In addition, Abdourahmane Baldé is becoming increasingly popular among the population to run for the post of Mayor of Kolda.

Speaking, he expressed his satisfaction with the ceremony: “As President of the Kold Vertical Movement, I thank all the administrative and local authorities who came to start the delivery of this second set of schools. They continue to urge us to work with the state to fight early school leaving. This opportunity for us allows us to support orphans and those whose parents are vulnerable. Thus, we participate in nation-building. We also intend to admit recipients to universal health care to allow them to thrive like other children. In making this gesture, we realize that we are releasing the parents who have certainly been affected by the Covid-19 crisis. ”

In the process, he will make a dynamic call to the authorities and other goodwill to do the same for the development of their sites. Concerning this title, he clarifies: “The development of Kolda drives me …”

The delivery of these school sets took place at a time, as evidenced by the shining faces of many parents who came to accompany their children to collect their donations …

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