Saturday , July 24 2021

a funny gift his father would like to give to a baby

Within a few days, Meghan Markle will give birth to his first child. A child who will not be able to meet with Duchess's father Toms Markli, who nevertheless planned a small gift.

It's a matter of day. All British family fans are looking forward to the birth of the first Meghan Markle and Prince Harry child. The Duchess of Sussex should be born in the next few days and panic about the child's name and gender.

In a very tense relationship, almost does not exist, with his daughter Thomas Markle does not intend to let go of this ultimate opportunity, the birth of his little girl. According to the British website Express.coThomas Markle would have thought of being a gift to his next grandchild or future granddaughter.

Not a toy or a stuffed animal, no, something very original and quite strange. He is really considering buying a t-shirt with a sentence: "Welcome to Tijuana", "Welcome to Tijuana"referring to the city on the Mexican border where Thomas Markle lives. Instead of being in a daughter's bed, one would have planned " Sip some beer at the local bar. But according to the source, " He would give something to meet his grandchild and hope that his daughter will show that their relationship deserves a second chance. "

In May 2018, Thomas Markle did not go to his daughter's wedding due to health problems. He repeats in the media to have no news of his daughter. However, the last news, Prince Harry's wife had sent a letter to try to face him.

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