Sunday , October 2 2022

40 billion FF CFA from China's four Senegalese stadiums for rehabilitation


"This program, developed by mutual agreement between Senegal and China, was discontinued following a joint research mission carried out by approved experts from both sides in this field. The total cost of the targeted work is CFA 40 billion, more than half the Léopold Sédar Senghor stadium, "said Matar Ba.

The sports minister also said that this project will cover "sports equipment and equipment, football, basketball and poker fields, athletics tracks, decorations and decorations, electrical systems and mechanical and building structures", among other things.

Due to the "dynamic and good cooperation" between Senegal and China, Mr Ba said that "China will be announced" a competition so that within 2 to 3 months, the company responsible for the works could set the date for their effective launch.

In addition, the sports minister stated that "however, mass sporting activity is viable and acceptable only if it is carried out in a standardized environment and has all the functional amenities necessary for its manifestation." According to him, therefore, "President Macky Sall made the first order and priorities for the construction and modernization of the Senegal stadiums in pursuit of his political offer."

By contrast, the Chinese Embassy in Dakar, the Economic and Social Advisor, Hans Xiaofeis, immediately congratulated Senegal on the organization of the 2022 Youth Olympic Games (YOG). Further, the diplomat recalled that "China has long been committed to helping Senegal's sports infrastructure strengthening."

According to Mr Xiaofei, "the most significant development of the sports industry in recent years under the Macky Sall Presidency" is more than enough to be sure. In addition, he said the new project was born from a visit last July to Senegal's Chinese President Xi Jinping's pledge.

Concluding his remarks, Han Xiaofei pledged his country's goodwill. "China will accompany Senegal to rehabilitate four stadiums and provide technical assistance. The Chinese side will do its utmost to move these projects and ensure that the Senegalese people can use these stages as soon as possible," he promised.

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