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132. High risk hedging: entrenchment on all fronts

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132. High risk hedging: entrenchment on all fronts

After the 132. Grand Steeple was adopted on January 20 in Pau, the eclectic Forthing will strive to maintain its invincibility this winter, winning the 132nd Hedge Race already in its pocket in 2017 …

This year, three rides have been overtaken by winter Forthing (6- G. Re) this Sunday you will find a hedge with a farm
for the second time plans to register on this list.
One thing is certain that David Cottin's protective device comes here with a swollen mood
Block and logically be a competing player. He'll have it
to undo Pacault Carriacou
(8- S. Paillard)
, Thunder Return Author, and Polipa (3- T. Beaurain)who does it
proof of perfect regularity. Minor Cancellation Argentier (1 – K. Nabets)Pau specialist and a heavy plot of land
all your place.

Olivier Galant,
02/02/2017 17:00:00 CET

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