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The Kuwaiti artist deals with gold-plated meat and displays controversy

By: Amir Fathi, on Tuesday, 13 November 2018, at noon. 23:08 –

Issa Marzouq

Issa Marzouq

Witness: Kuwaiti artist deals with gold-coated meat and contradicts

Issa al-Marzouq, a Kuwaiti artist, had a major controversy over social networking sites when he posted a video on his page, Intgram, with gold coated meals.

The chef appeared in the movie. The first visitor of the restaurant, Issa al-Marzouq, enjoyed golden meat. Kuwaiti singer Jun: "My mother told me that my heart is gone."

The leaders of social media sites were widely spread to express their anger of extravagance and exaggeration of the quasarite, rather than focusing on the feelings of a simple audience.
One of the restaurant's staff put gloves and covered the piece of meat with gold powder and then sprinkled it with spices before the artist began to eat it and admired its taste.

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