Saturday , March 6 2021

The Arabic Music Festival and Conference cover the last page of the 27th edition

On Monday, November 12th, Dr Inas Abdel Daim, Minister of Culture, Dr. Magdy Saber, director of the opera and festival, as well as director of the festival and conference, Cihan Morsi. The archive was released on November 27th.

At first, Magda El Roumi continued her audience by inviting everyone and announced her pleasure to revive the closing ceremony of the Arabic Music Festival and its presence in the Egyptian land, the capital of history and civilization, looking at some of the eternal artistic figures as the highest ideals and part of their childhood and dream memories . The first advocacy direction for the Arabic glory, evidencing the Egyptian image of their hearts reminiscent of your love, and then the president of the opera hands over a memorial shield to honor the name of his late father, Halima Rooma.

Over one and a half hours she listened to her dreamer's voice as she traveled to the world of magic singing and sang the Philadelphia Union Orchestra under Maestro Nader Abbassi with several of her special masterpieces, including: Ask me, your eyes, the world for us, the color of love Love, when it comes to the sky, Mtraakh my heart, do not inquire, I leave the words, the crossroads of the neighborhood to live in the name of the peasants, and I swear by my name that ended its artistic expressions.

Last night from beautiful nights was started at noon. At 6 pm in the small theater, where the Minister of Culture and the President of the Opera awarded the competition awards accompanied by Dr. Rhythe Hefni singing for young people and children, and later played violin on behalf of late singer Saad Mohameda Hassana. The first was Ahmed Magdy Abdel Hakim and Ahmed Abdel Hamid Nafea, whose value was fifteen thousand pounds, and Ahmed Ragab Abdullah and Mohamed Tarek Mustafa second, and his prize worth twelve thousand pounds and won third place – Muhannad Talal's rivals from Saudi Arsenal and And the children's match was shared by Wafa Emad Mahmoud and Ahmed Saeed, worth seven thousand pounds, with Khaled Ahmed Sadiq and Zahar Ragab Mustafa second in the value of five thousand pounds, and Yasmin Osama Hassan and Mary Sajeda Najjar and three in the third place a thousand pounds worth.

The Violin Competition won first place with Fares Tamer Mohamed Ali worth fifteen thousand pounds. The second place was Ahmed Hassan Attieh, worth 10,000 pounds. The third place was the Islamic Khalifa Ismail and Karmina Youssef Aziz Award worth 10,000 pounds. The jury also received Mohammed Ahmad, Taki Hassan Radwan, King Mohammed Fathy, Mahmoud Ahmed Awad Recognition, Louay Abdoun.

Other theaters also called for the events that took place in the theater of the Arabic Music Institute. Sidi Darwish Theater hosted a concert by Iman Abdel Ghani, singer, and lawyer Majid Sorour. The opera star was Ali El Haggar's concert, accompanied by Maestro Ibrahim El Mouji's band. Tanta's cultural center was hosted by Iman Al-Bahar Darwish, starring Maestro Hazem Al-Qasabji, after the break Ghada Adam, Amira Saeed, Mai Hassan and Ahmed Said performed.

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