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The Al Riyadh newspaper The Historic Mosque is in good hands

Crown Prince rehabilitate and restore 130 mosques

Historical mosques are in good hands

His retinue prince Mohammed Bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the crown prince and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, can rehabilitate it, rehabilitates and restores 130 historical mosques within the framework of the program "Reconstruction of Historical Mosques", which is under the control of the General Directorate of Tourism and National Heritage and the Heritage Charity Fund, to support the program to achieve its goals by restoring and restoring the largest number of historical mosques targeting the kingdom levels, in addition to the previous support of the prime minister, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, also the sponsor of the two holy mosques Custodian of the two holy mosques, King Abdullah Mr. bin Abdulaziz, Salman bin Abdulaziz, supported the launch of the reconstruction program at Al-Deraiya and Jed's historic mosques. With His Supremacy, the region's Emirs, Doers and Charities in the Kingdom's regions.

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, His Royal Highness, Chairman of the National Tourism and Heritage Committee, has established the founder and chair of the Heritage Foundation's Heritage Council. Initiation and support of the reconstruction of the historic mosque, taking into account his interest in everything related to the service of God and Islamic heritage, The importance of documenting and restoring several ancient mosques in the Kingdom. His Highness also helped to rebuild several historic mosques in several parts of the kingdom.

The idea of ​​launching a national program for the reconstruction of historical mosques is based on the vision of Prince Sultan Bina Salman in cooperation with the Minister of Islamic Affairs of the Lord's Sultanbin Abdulaziz, who may appear to be the second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation, and the Inspector General. Approved the sponsorship of the mosque-care program and the reconstruction, reconstruction and documentation of its history in 16 years (1418). It supported the first phase of the two million rials, was assigned to the monitoring mosque survey and His High Level guidance on the success of the program, restoring several mosques. B What has been done in the ministry's work and the selection of programs b (National program for the care of historical mosques).

The restoration of selected historical mosques in the reconstruction of the historic mosques, adopted by the Association of Tourism and National Heritage Management in cooperation with the Islamic Affairs and Heritage Fund, has helped revive the lives of these mosques and worshipers after abandonment for decades.

The program, in cooperation with the Islamic Ministry of Affairs, has been able to list more than 1140 historical mosques in the territories of the Kingdom and a continuous siege. The mosques are refurbished and rehabilitated, and more than 120 mosques are established in the kingdom. (130 historical mosques), as well as the implementation of the Architectural and Historical Documentation Project (Atlas 1 of the Historic Mosque), which includes the establishment of 50 historical mosques, the Historical Mosque Foundation in the institution for donations, the signing of more than 80 agreements with the relevant authorities, donors.

The National Reconstruction Program for Historic Mosques is one of the most prominent and proactive programs of the Two Hedgehogs Program at the Custodian Bank to care for the Kingdom's Cultural Heritage and the National Heritage Center through projects implemented in various regions of the kingdom. Great in Islamic religion and distinguish its original architectural characteristics, in addition to being one of the most important features of the city's heritage in the Kingdom.

The program was supported by the King of Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Royal Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the chairman of the National Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, the founder of the Two Holy Mortgage Custodian Heritage Foundation and the Chair of the Heritage Council, Hanafi's historic site in historic Jeddah, where King Abdul Aziz God bless it and give him peace, this year will open. His Majesty also announced sponsorship of the Custodian Bank for the two holy mosques as a special program for the care of historical mosques in the vicinity of the historic Al-Deraiyah project. Realized by the General Office of the Ministry of Tourism and National Heritage and Islamic Affairs and the development of the Supreme Commission in Riyadh.

In addition to the fact that God has accepted it, the restoration of several historic mosques in Madina, as an extension of its adoption, which God preserves, restored several mosques in the Kingdom.

The architectural mosque in "historic Jeddah" is the last mosque opened by Prince Sultan Bin Salman after the completion of the rebuilding, where the guardians of the two holy mosques, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, were restored to his parents.

This third heritage mosque was restored at the expense of King Abdullah – or God would have had mercy upon him – and was the first mosque in Tabba and the second mosque Shafi's "historic Jeddah".

Prince Sultan Bin Salman, leader of the historic mosque, announced this week as a program for the reconstruction of the historic mosques, indicating that the term Emaar is more comprehensive in terms of care, since the most important goal is to restore mosques by prayer.

The mosque opened the door of the two holy mosques, the king of Salman Bin Abdulaziz, Custodian of the Al-Bujairi neighborhood, 20 Jumada II 1436H, one of the three mosques sacrificed by Prince Sultan Bin Salman in the historical Diria. Like several historic mosques in the historic city of Diria, which were restored in the historic Tarifa in the neighborhood.

The work includes the reconstruction of the historic mosques, the inventory of historical mosques in the territories of the Kingdom, the development of a scientific plan for documentation and restoration in such a way as to ensure the preservation of its urban environment. And to accept the basics and criteria for classification and rehabilitation of the mosque, as well as to establish practical procedures that determine the roles of the parties involved.

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