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The Al-Ahsa Chambers provide seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns for their employees and auditors


The Al-Ahsa Chamber is targeting its employees and auditors to campaign for seasonal influenza. Al-Ahsa's site, targeting Al-Ahsa, targets its staff and its auditors in a seasonal influenza vaccination campaign, Nasim News, is targeting its employees and reviewers for the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign, Al-Ahsa. Al-Ahsa Chamber puts forward a vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza for its staff and reviewers with the most significant reports.

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Ahsa – "Al-Ahsa Today"

Al-Ahsa Camera Co-operation with the Al-Ahsa Health Directorate recently organized a campaign against seasonal flu for its employees and subscribers and camera auditors this year. The meeting was attended by Abdul Latif Al Arfaj, Deputy Director of Health Affairs.

A campaign that included all the camera staff at its headquarters as well as participants and auditors to follow up on various chamber transactions by organizing initiatives and events that encourage its employees to take care of their body health and encourage them to take the necessary measures to prevent illness at all.

The campaign, which was supervised by doctors, nurses and technicians, lasted one working day, was well received by the officials of the Chambers, departments and departments, as well as members of different nationalities and reviewers.

The campaign included the dissemination of leaflets and the provision of medical information and information on the importance of preventive vaccination in stimulating the immune system in order to prevent any infection and thus avoid the occurrence of serious illness and infection.

It should be noted that studies suggest that seasonal influenza vaccination reduces the spread of infection in the community and reduces the risk of serious influenza complications by 70 to 90%. During the season, flu is a contagious disease that has a health and economic impact on the health system. The disease is between 5 and 10% of adults, while in children it is up to 30%.

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Source: Al-Ahsa newspaper

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