Saturday , June 10 2023

Tamer Hosny gives his first concert after his recovery and his son Adam's birth


Tamer Hosni revived his concert at the University of Cairo, with thousands of fans present.

At the beginning of his part, Tammer was very keen to thank the audience and expressed his happiness in his presence with them, in particular, that the ceremony was his first birth after the birth of his son Adam and Tamam, who won the harassment and outrageous cries.

Tamer Hosny has performed many of his famous songs from Aish Beshouk, Hanhab Hob, Kafiak, All Pina, 100 and other songs whose audience demanded an hour and a half.

The concert was organized by Zeina, and it was surprising that artist Majid Al Masri on stage addressed Tamer Hosni on his lips, emphasizing that he is one of the best voices.

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