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Sultan Qaboos Award for Culture, Art and Message

Sultan Qaboos Award for Culture, Art and Message

Today, the Culture and Science Center Sultan Qaboos announced the results of the Sultan Qaboos Awards on Culture, Art and Messages.

Secretary-General of the Center, Habib Bin Mohammed Al Riyami, highlighted the importance of the prize every year in a press conference to announce a prize every year and is rotated every two years and is an approximate sum per year.

The award ceremony coincided with the celebration of the Omani Sultanate on the national day on which the researcher Hamad Bin Abdullah bin Said Al-Sketi Sultan Sultan Qaboza won the film "The Black, Who Does not Find You" on the Culture, Arts and Cultural Heritage Sultan Sultan Qaboza Award, attended by the star of Oman in the province of phenomenon . Director Essa bin Salim bin Hamad Al-Subhi has won Sultan Qaboos, an award-winning art culture, art and literature prize.

Prize fields

Three cultural and artistic fields took part in the competition this year: intangible cultural heritage, short films and folk poetry. The number of participants in the intangible cultural heritage has reached 22, 32 short films, Popular "20 candidates" have closed the door to work submitted on Thursday, July 26.

In the field of short films, the jury was attended by: Egyptian director Majdi Ahmed Ali – President of the Sharm El Sheikh Film Festival Mohamed Bin Suleiman Al Kindi – President of the Oman Film and Theater Society and Ali Hussein Ali Yaqoub Al Jamri, director of Bahrain.

Initial inspection

The first screening process was carried out from 5 to 9 August. The first screening committee, which was attended by several academics and specialists, chose and chose the company.

"Black is not right for you"

The short film winner, Issa Al-Subhi, said: "Thank God who is with us for this victory, which came after the hard work done by a film worker who does not spare the effort and support to complete the work." He added: "This victory for me and the team means a lot, and we have the honor to call Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who is and continues to support young people in various fields of creativity, including literary and cultural work."

"Filming has been going on for a long time, especially during the script-making period, during which we were able to listen to many real stories in the Oman community. The film was built on these stories and transformed into a cinematic character. The film was based on realistic stories that came from people from the community. We were able to capture some of the particles and integrate them into the story of the winning film.

"Omani year of the year"

"I can not describe it at all, I am very pleased with Fawzi, the Tawfiq of the Almighty God, who allowed me to write and collect this heritage," explorer Hamad Al-Skeet expressed his pleasure in awarding the prize in the field of intangible cultural heritage research. One book for the benefit of future generations. "

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