Friday , June 2 2023

Seventh-day urgent – LE 99 million net purchases by foreign investors in the last week


Last week, the Egyptian Stock Exchanges with non-Arab foreign investors recorded a net purchase of GBP 99.08 million, while in the same period after the deal, Arabs registered a net turnover of $ 139.61 million.

Foreign investors since the beginning of this year recorded a net purchase of EGP 5983.18 million, but after trading, according to a weekly report on the Egyptian stock exchange, the Arabs registered a net purchase of GBP 953.32 million over the same period.

Egyptians accounted for 73.30% of total market transactions, while non-Arab foreigners last week were 12.08% and Arabs – 14.62%, with the exception of transactions.

Institutions accounted for 43.08% of transactions, while other transactions accounted for 56.92% of private individuals. The authorities recorded a net purchase of PLN 502.52 million after the transaction was canceled.

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