Tuesday , February 7 2023

Saudi Crown Prince has a virtual train journey and motivates students to develop their abilities


Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman visited the Qassim region on a virtual trip on the train. He informed the Crown prince of the training programs offered by the Saunday Railway Technical Institute in the Qassim region Sarab Salman on a virtual trip to the mine train simulator, according to Okaz, Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Bin Salman listened to the Institute's students' explanations about their specializations and programs, appreciated their excellence and motivated them to continue to use their abilities to help realize the vision of 2030.

Saudi newspaper

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, king of Saudi Arabia, issued a directive on the release of all citizens from insolvency and detainees on the issue of rights, not a criminal offense in the Hail region, whose arrears amount to no more than one million rials, and proved their insolvency before the law by visiting Hail's internal journey, which is Salman, king of the Saudi Arabian newspaper Okaz, is currently in the kingdom.

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