Sunday , January 29 2023

Saudi Arabia – Najran technology implements a false evacuation plan


Participation in the Civil Protection and Red Crescent

The Technical College in Najran, represented by the Department of Health and Safety, implemented an ambitious evacuation plan involving the Department of Civil Protection and the Saudi Red Crescent region to assess and monitor the plan.

The plan included the training of staff members and trainees in one of the college buildings at the assembly sites, using an evacuation team in coordination with the Occupational Safety and Health Department, the Civil Protection Department and the Red Crescent, where the premises, offices and laboratories were free. More than 350 people evacuated from the building No more than two and a half times the response time for emergency evacuation.

Mohammed bin Ali Zuban Al-Saqri, Dean of the Najran Technical College, welcomed the efforts and cooperation of the Civil Protection Department and the Saudi Arabian Red Crescent in Najran and the organizers, as well as the great role they played to make this plan successful and to help achieve its desired goal.

Al-Saqri welcomed the efforts of the Occupational Safety and Health Division and the participating training departments, and thanked them for this successful plan.

Ali Bin Ateeq, director of public relations and media, explained that the role of the College and its responsibilities in ensuring a safe environment for work, training, employee motivation and risk protection was a prerequisite.

Pointing out that these experiments are helping college staff to evacuate as much as possible natural and industrial disasters – God does not – professionally.

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