Sunday , June 4 2023

Private plane .. Kia Carnival 2021 Hello, luxury limousine from the inside .. Watch


Korean car giant Kia recently launched the Hyundai country house with its luxury family car Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival Hey limousine Comes with many Korean giant updates.

The most important features of the car Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival Inside, there are separate second-row seats that are tilted for maximum comfort, as well as footrests, and additional amenities include a 21.5-inch screen.

Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival It has USB and HDMI ports, and second-row passengers also receive heated and cooled cup holders and an air purifier to keep you feeling refreshed on long trips.

Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival Made of stain-resistant fabric that provides comfort to the driver, especially if children have a habit of making a mess in the back seat and the car is officially put up for sale in Saudi Arabia.

There is a roof Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival The large LED top light and one of the most elegant lighting elements are pop-up reading lights that appear from the ceiling, and the high ceiling makes third-row seats more comfortable, as it provides plenty of space for passengers, but legroom is still small.

Come on Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival It is powered by an MPi Injection 3500 cc 6-cylinder engine with 272 hp and 332 Nm of torque, and the engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

A car Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival Thanks to the large car interior area and 8 seats, thanks to the increased size of the car, it complements the attractive design and luxury factors of all seats.

Kia Carnival 2021 kia carnival Mainly equipped for families, Kia wants to provide all safety methods, especially for children. We find child seats and an attached camera so that front passengers can monitor passengers in the back, and this benefits families who want to supervise children.

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