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Pomegranate extract protects against intestinal cancer



Pomegranate extract protects against intestinal cancer


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Pomegranate inhibits inflammation and prevents intestinal cancer

Louisville University scientists with biologists from India have discovered that pomegranates contain substances that prevent intestinal infections, help heal wounds and reduce the risk of cancer.

According to scientists, pomegranate extract reduces the risk of intestinal cancer because intestinal bacteria absorb plant signaling molecules and turn them into other useful substances that help cure the body.

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"We have shown that pomegranate substances help the body restore the barrier between intestinal walls and the rest of the body," says Rajpir Singh of Louisville University.

Researchers confirm that pomegranate contains the substance "urolithin-A", known for its properties and anti-oxidant properties. When the pomegranate extract was tested in various laboratory tissue organs, it was shown to inhibit intestinal inflammation and positively affect the mucous membrane.

The researchers also found that pomegranate extract affects the intestinal receptors by activating the "NRF2" gene, which is responsible for restoring the barrier to foreign substances and preventing inflammation.

Scientists are currently working on creating urolithin-A isotopes that are safer and more effective, especially in pomegranate extract, which protects against the development of intestinal cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

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