Thursday , January 27 2022

Obo will show the smartphone with a camera with a magnification of 10 times that of the naked eye


Although Opo did not launch five times (5x) hybrid zoom technology that was announced last year, many rumors spread it to launch a smartphone with a high-zoom camera. On January 16, a conference will be held in Beijing to unlock the smartphone with a 10x magnification camera compared to what the naked eye sees.

Twitter account was Ice universe He said that at the end of December last year, Obo officially launched a 10 megapixel hybrid phone, which he said would be launched at the Consumer Electronics Exhibition or MWC.

If this technology is discovered by Obo, it can be the first company to launch a 10x optical zoom system in smartphones in 2019, especially because the phone market is very much needed for good features, especially after similar formatting between the latest phone releases from companies Made in different ways.

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