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Newest Daily News: "African Women .. Between Challenge and Powers" Symposium on Book Exhibition


Egypt – Latest News Today: "African Women .. Between Challenge and Powers" Symposium at Book Show

Egypt Today: The African Panorama Hall at Cairo International Book Fair 2 opened a seminar on African issues called "African Women: Between Challenge and Powers" in the presence of a cultural worker. And the media Ambassador of the African Union Ejalal Abdel Halim, expert communication and media From the Arab Bank in Africa Fayza Badr, headed by Dr Um Hashim Wahba Media National Media Commission and Researcher for Africa.

Ambassador Ijalal Abdel Halim and media expert Fayza Badr praised the role of women at African and Arab level, and pointed to the United Nations efforts to empower women and gender equality..

For his part, Umm Hashim Wahba's statements in Al-Bawaba News said: "Women's credentials last for several years, but considering The fact that 2017 was a Women's Year will become the year after the year's extension in the sense that we have to take care of women and give them the same approaches as they have done throughout the years."He said.

"In terms of empowering women in Egypt, we find that the presence of 90 female parliamentarians has flourished, which is 25% of the number of women. Moreover, we have the first ruler and the first 5 women leaders.

"For all African countries, their goals are sustainable development and women's empowerment And equality Among the sexes"He said.

She added: "Serious steps have been taken to achieve this goal under the auspices of UN institutions and various funding agencies, which fund projects related to women's empowerment. "He said.

"I am grateful to Egypt for its recent interest in Africa and congratulate it on the leadership of the African Union and Egypt. It is a cultural lighthouse for African and Arab countries. Abdel Halim. Cinema, theater, art My review"He said.

"I congratulate the Minister of Culture, Dr. Inu Abdel-Dayem, on her opportunities and proper preparation for this golden jubilee"

Authorization of women confirmed That's it "Women give them the opportunity to be multifunctional and any work they do is done as fully as possible as they transform to prove their existence"He said.

She pointed out that if women have rights and equal full equality, there will be Prosperity Development and development, mother or youth education, and education and empowerment will be reflected in the upbringing of young people"He said.

Fayza Badr said Al-Bawaba News: "The Arab League invited me to participate in the Cairo International Book Fair to represent the Arab Bank. We have brought our publications that are being shown to us."He said.

She added: "Sudanese women are reminiscent of Egyptian women, Egyptian women have long been in high positions, and Sudanese women are all in Sudan, there have been many top positions, such as Minister, Deputy Minister, Judge, Lawyer, University Professor and Doctor"He said.

"It turned out That's it Sudanese women in the Ministry of Finance accounted for 95% of the total number of ministry staff, t Confirmed That "Sudanese women in government jobs more than men, and being a 1923 Sudanese woman who drove by car, wished women to sparkle and always stay in the leading positions, we are currently Equality With a man"He said.

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