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Nahed al-Sibai reveals her granddaughter Farid Shawqi for the first time

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Nahed al-Sibai will first reveal her grandfather Farid Shawqi from the magazine's website, Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

Cairo – Sama Jaber Tuesday, 13.11.2013 – 16:55

The artist Nahed Siba always talks about her grandfather to her late artist Farid Shawqi at some of the meetings or even with pictures that she shared on her Instagram site every period, but never before was any of the images collected in her childhood ever discovered.

Nahed Al-Siba along with Farid Shawqi

Today, on Tuesday, the young artist decided Nahed Al-Sibai Introducing her audience during her childhood, her grandfather's monster Farid Shawky appeared in childhood, similar to the way children's artists were wearing, huge golden accessories and golden clothes, and sat on horseback games and next to her grandfather.

Nahed Al-Sibai The photo was only commented on by Hashtag, who has her name and grandfather's name, but received many comments from the public, who admired her image with late artists. Farid ShawkyAnd the image of her childhood that had not been revealed before.

Naoush al-Sibai awaits the crime of immorality

It is worth mentioning that the latest works Nahed Al-Sibai Is the movie "Kde white", which is currently featured in the Egyptian theater, and the main star of each artist? Mohamed Salam and Hala Fakhir Several American stars and thinking about helping the siries Nour Arnaout, Scenario and dialog Mr Louai.

Also waiting Nahed Al-Sibai The film "Immobilial crime", which artists are participating, will soon be screened Hani Adels and Tarek Abdel Aziz This is the output Khaled Al-Hajar.


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Source: HAY magazine

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