Sunday , October 2 2022

"I Love Stretch Art" is planning to host an exhibition of street artists


Thank you for reading "I Like Street Art", it is planned to hold an exhibition of street artists and start now with details.

Sharjah – With Ayman Al Fateh – A festival of art, attracting art and music lovers from all over Dubai to the new Boxbox Park destination from Mara, this weekend will close its exhibition by organizing an art exhibition for street artists. Technical work available for all age groups.

Street painters prepared an interactive presentation at Box Park using graphite oriented around the UAE in their national spirit and the affirmation of their sense of belonging. Destination visitors can interact with festivities, presentations and participate in mosaic work and demonstrate their talents to the walls of the destination by attracting lanterns.

Other events and activities at Box Park include weekends, face paintings, baby tattoos and DJ tunes.

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