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Gold price on Saturday, 27-20 In August, goldsmith shops continued to report the moment of yellow metals

We offer you our valuable followers Gold price today April 27, 2019, Al-Sagha stores, yellow metal news continued after a moment Gold Prices in Egypt A large group of people from which investors are first interested, as well as depositors and owners of jewelery shops and young people coming to marry. The price of gold Constant fluctuation within a week between growth and decline, coupled with a number of factors, including supply and demand law, as well as dollar prices in Egyptian banks, and prices are updated as they change markets.

Gold price on Saturday, 27-4-2019

Witnesses Gold Prices in Egypt The fluctuation case, when prices fall for two or three days, then rises again and reaches Gold price today 21 caliber, most common in Egypt, 613 pounds, the lowest price for yellow metal for some time, and this is the table The price of gold In the Egyptian market, prices do not include the price of a stamp or production that we show below the price table.

The itemPrice in Egyptian poundsPrice against US Dollar
One gram of gold is the price of 24 caliber701_____
Price per gram of gold 22 caliber652____
Price per gram of gold 21 caliber613____
The price of one gram of 18 carat gold526_____
One gram of gold 14 gauge price412_____
The price of pound gold4990_____
Gold Ounce Price_____$ 1,275
Price per kilogram of gold701,000____
Gold price today
Gold price today

Gold prices in Egyptian goldsmith shops

The average jewelery store and stamping price varies from LE 30 to LE 65 depending on gold type as well as different types of goldsmiths, from one province to another and from one merchant to another, mostly from 7 to 10% The price of one gram of goldThe craft price can see some differences, and from one dealer to another, but The price of one gram of gold There is no contradiction because the prices are linked to the world price.

Silver prices today

The price of silver in Egypt varies between irregular heights and the drop in others – British silver is 95.8 pounds in 8.23 ​​pounds, and is a silver price table updated with price changes.

Silver caliberBrand NamePrice in Egyptian pounds
Caliber 80Silver jewelry6.87
CaliberSilver currencies7.73
Caliber 92.5Silver silver7.95
Caliber 95.8British silver8.23
Caliber 99.9Pure silver8.58
Silver oz_______267.19

New gold price increase

The market saw Gold The gold market in the world is waiting for the results of the Federal Reserve Meeting, where everyone is afraid of surprises or unexpected decisions that fluctuate in balance and affect the whole world economy.

Update: The price per gram of gold today

  • Rise Gold price today Saturday, April 27, 2019, gold market worth 2 pounds, where the record The price of one gram of gold 21 caliber from 613 pounds, while record 18 caliber values ​​- 526 pounds, while the gold pound has earned 4,990 pounds, gold dealers – 701,000 pounds, and reached a gold ounce of $ 1,285, andThe price of gold It is linked to a number of factors, including the law of supply and demand, as well as the US dollar in the Egyptian market, both in the official banks and in the black market. Gold price today Updated as prices change.
  • The increase in the value of two pounds in the metal price during the day, when the price increased by 21 pounds from 611 pounds to 613 pounds without a factory.
  • The price of yellow metal has stabilized on the Egyptian market during the last hour of trading.

We welcome your comments with any request The price of one gram of gold in Egypt.

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