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Yes, "Juventus" went to Milan, but Gonzalo Iguaño won 2-0 victory over AC Milan instead of San Siro.

Juventus beat AC Milan 2-0 in the San Siro series A. 12 rounds.

Juventus coach Maximilian Alegre has chosen to start with the powerful trio Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo DiBala and Mario Mandzukic.

Milan fans were welcomed by a defender, Leonardo Bonucci, who returned to Juventus this season with his former team with a sign that read "f and Nocchi .. Only Sketino is worse than you." Skytino was the captain of Costa Concordia, who went to Italy a year ago, where 32 people died and thousands were rescued. But the captain escaped to the rescue boat and left the ship after he noticed the ship's sink.

Balanced start

The start of the meeting was balanced between the two teams. Paulo DiBala took the lead and kicked the ball with a penalty kick, but Juventus's ball hit the ball.

Soso sent a cross on the sixth minute, but Juventus defended the ball back and forth.

Juventus offer

In eight minutes, Juventus finally got an amazing first half-time goal from Alex Sandro, received by Mario Mandzukic with a great head against Gianluigi Donar.

At the 11th minute, Milan won Juventus a quick break with Higuainam, who started out of the penalty area, but Juventus did not care.

Mario Mandzukic responded with an excellent shot at 12 minutes, but died from Donaromas.

Juventus continued to pressure, and in 33 minutes Debala defeated a strike, rushed out and turned in a direction, but Donaroma narrowly blocked it from the line.


39 minutes after using VAR technology Milan was penalized and he saw that the ball touched Mehdi Ben Attia's hand, while Gonzalo Iguaen was out in a row, losing the opportunity, and in the first half, Juventus finally ends with a goal.

The other half

In the second half, Juventus continued to control, and Paolo Debala scored an excellent moment on the 57th minute but recovered again.

Gennaro Gattuso made a great block, though. Patriks Cotrone was handed the Samo Castejo to 62 minute way.

At 66, Higuainu was dismissed, but she also hit the post.

With Milan's pressure, Ronaldo almost took second place to Juventus with a goal kick in the 68th minute.

Series relays

Here a series of relays began in the rows of both teams. On 74th minute, Diego Lazalat took the lead by replacing Hakan Chalhan Ocolo in Milan, and Fabio Borini also got Ignazio Abate.

On the other hand, Maximilian Alegre decided to move to Sami Khadirai for Miralim Bianch after 76 minutes, and Douglas Costa replaced Paolo Dibala with a penalty.

Kill the game

Here the game was killed. Joao Cansillo scored the right side and attacked a powerful shot from Donaroma, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo's second goal.

Delete it

The other Ronaldo goal lost Gonzalo Iguana. The referee signaled a penalty for the home side after 81 minutes, amid vocal protests from the visitors. Mehdi Ben Attia was not in a hurry to leave the field, and unsurpassed the ref to quite able to make it known.

Finally, João Cansillo shot a strike at the 92th minute but defeated the goal with Juventus 2-0.

Juventus scored 34 points at the top of the Italian league position, while Milan has 21 points, up to fifth.

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