Sunday , February 5 2023

Enchanted Victory ranks Trend after Al-Melhem said


Al-Marsad newspaper: hashtag # Nasr_Mahohour Trend, published on Twitter in the UK following a statement by sports journalist Adele Al-Melchem, in which he said the reason for the deterioration of the team’s latest victory was “magic”.

Thousands of tweeters took part in the hashtag, with tweets among the sarcastic tweets of Al-Melhem’s announcement, and others attacked the management for the team’s negative results, and it recently lost to the Two Holy Mosques Cup Holders’ Club Al-Hilal.

In the video, “Al-Melhem” is what Al-Nasr is subject to the current sports season as “unnatural.” He said, “The eye is right, and I think it’s enchanting.”

Sarcastic tweets participating in the hashtag even appeared from fans of the “victory” because of a controversial statement when one of them said, “The real victory is enchanting, and Najib Sheikh must flee the club.”

Hashtag has released a series of satirical videos in which people spit on others as if they were a “victory” in an attempt to get rid of magic and restore championship levels.

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