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Elimination of fatty liver in 6 steps

Excessive weight and excessive intake of fatty foods leads to the formation of fatty liver which is a common disease in the elderly.

Site mayoklinika, said there are various ways to treat fatty liver, we review them at the following points:

Fat Liver Treatment Methods

Often the treatment of fat liver is followed by some daily tips, including

– Reduce weight and get rid of accumulated fat.

– Limit oily foods, oils and potatoes.

– A healthy diet containing vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

– Daily interest in exercise helps to promote body health.

– Diabetes treatment should be regular and strongly affect the liver.

– Cholesterol reduction if vegetarian food and exercises, as well as drug use in cholesterol and triglyceride maintenance at their health level.

– Stay away from drinking alcohol and pain relief only under the supervision of your doctor.

Your doctor may recommend vaccination against hepatitis B virus to protect you from viruses that can cause further liver damage.

In patients with cirrhosis caused by non-alcoholic fatty acid hepatitis, liver transplantation may become a treatment option.

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