Monday , February 6 2023

Egyptian broadcaster and fox .. what is the “real” cause of the crisis?


The episode sparked the anger of an audience on social networking sites, and some called for an end to the Egyptian broadcaster after she made a hunting trip aimed at wildlife in the Egyptian desert, mostly foxes and wolves.

As a result of the anger of the social media audience, An-Nahar issued a statement apologizing to viewers for the content of the episode and noting that the episode had been removed from its accounts on various social media platforms..

Not for the first time

Media expert Dr. Jasser Abdel Aziz, for his part, confirmed that Reham Said’s episode was completely at odds with the media’s code of honor, describing the broadcaster’s self-defense as “faded”, adding that the journalist was not allowed to film the episode without knowing its legitimacy. it is She did not know that the journey she made was illegal.

In exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, Abdel Aziz explained that the Media High Council should allow the media and its affiliated party to be prosecuted for professional misconduct, given that the episode was a clear promotion of illegal behavior and contrary to professional standards. , emphasizing that there is a trend. Be careful with content that is related to animal or environmental topics.

And he continued: Media Reham Saeed’s history has many professional mistakes, as happened in more than one incident, such as “The Mall Girl” and “The Atheist Girl” episodes, and that she is constantly sparking discussions to increase viewership..

Government action

Environment Minister Dr. Jasmin Fuad confirmed on the ministry’s official Facebook page that Reham Said made a number of mistakes during the episode because Silk did not obtain the necessary permits to photograph a wildlife hunting trip and hunt wildlife..

The episode also gave a false and unprofessional message to encourage illegal actions and behavior using prohibited hunting gear and methods, as they harm animals that the Minister considered a clear violation of animal welfare laws and customs..

Egyptian law

Egyptian law clearly criminalises such trips since 2009. Environmental Law no. 9 Article 28 states that ‘the following shall be prohibited in any way: hunting, killing or capture of birds, wild animals and aquatic organisms, as well as their keeping, transport or export. Or their importation or trade in those living or dead, whole or in parts or derivatives thereof, or in the course of operations which destroy their natural habitats, alter their natural characteristics or habitats, destroy their densities or destroy ova or products.

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