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Day celebrations "sweet" .. Specialist warns: the disease "goes through"


Day celebrations "sweet" .. Specialist warns: the disease "goes through"

Issued by Mohammed Daoud Ocase, 18 – 11-2018

According to the slogan "diabetes in our families," the Saudi Arabian Medical Center participated in the international community to celebrate International Diabetes Day, coinciding with the birth of Professor Pantenga, a Canadian scientist, inventor of insulin.
Professor Abdul Mameen Al Agha, a professor of diabetes and diabetes counselor at Jhedid King AbdulAziz University, said that the founder's University's Childhood Department celebrated this event in 15 cities to educate the public on diabetes and its complications and prevention. He added that the campaign includes medical examinations of members of the community and stresses the need to pay attention to the weight of children, in particular the pupils, and the need for medical supervision of overweight children for therapeutic intervention before exposing several complications, which is the most important diabetes mellitus.
He pointed out that the week-long campaign focused on preventive aspects. Professor Agha said that children should be encouraged to get rid of the wrong eating habits and benefit from walking around, walking osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency and also a small amount. Family situation.

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