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Connecting natural gas to 21 regions for the first time in Giza


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Soil: Supply of natural gas to 21 regions for the first time in Giza from Mases, Monday, November 12, 2018.

Soil: Natural gas supplies to 21 regions for the first time in Giza

Mohamed Hammad Published in Al – Ahram daily from 12 to 11 – 2018

The Minister for Oil and Mineral Resources, Tariq Al-Mullah, confirmed that natural gas is connected with some 485,000 people in the Governorate of Guiza, of which 21 are natural gas for the first time, bringing the total number of the Republic to some 9.2 million units.
He added that, at a time when the supply of natural gas to Tanzania – Osima in the province of Guiza is being verified, according to a national project for the supply of natural gas to various cities and villages in the provinces of the republic.
He pointed out that it is planned to supply gas to some 35,000 units in Oasisem, West Barajil, Red Crescent and Tanasha, noting that we have provided all citizens with the opportunity to accelerate gas supply contracts at home and use the initiative launched by the ministry to cover citizens' to supply gas to their homes Payment for consumption of £ 30 per month for 6 years without a service provider or an advantage in cities and new territories that are first to enter the gas.
Ahmed Al-Hajri, Chief Executive Officer of the Omer Gas Company, explained that the company supplies natural gas to 21 regions of Guizhas, Al-Warraq, Osim, Portos, Red Koum, Tanash, Shanbari, Kafr Hakim, Kom Burh, Manashi, Kom, Hasasin, Buhormos, Burkash, Manshiyet Radwan, Mansourieh Bulaq Dakrour, Nahia and Abu Rawash in the province of Guiza.

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