Friday , January 28 2022

China is launching a probe this year to take a sample from the moon


CHINA (Reuters) – China will launch a probe to kill lunar specimens at the end of this year, announced by a Chinese space officer on Monday after the Chinese probe hit the moon.

On January 3, the Chinese probe Chang-e-4 came to the Moon and sent the first close-up to the outermost part of the planet.

The National Space Authority proclaimed this order first and declared that it "removes the mystery veil" from the far side of the moon and largely reached the ambitious national space program.

The Chang-ah-4 missions include astronomical observations, a survey of rocky terrain and moon composition, neutron radiation measurement, and neutral atoms to explore the environment on the empty side of the moon.

Zhang Ah-5's mission to take samples from near the moon will be at the end of the year, and Beijing will send another probe to Mars by 2020, said Wu Yanhua, vice president of space department, in a press release according to official online extracts.

The mission of Chang-ah-5 will open the way for another probe to be sent to the south pole of the Moon and will probably return samples from far away, according to the results to be achieved in the next mission, Wu said.

He noted that future inspections of the missions could open the way to the planet's surface using techniques such as three-dimensional printing or the use of moon soil in construction.

"China, the United States, Russia, European countries and other countries are looking for a building foundation or a research station on the moon," he said.

The Moon is in orbit at the same speed as the Earth, which means that most of the Moon's distance or so-called dipped side is always invisible. The spacecraft explored the further side of the planet, but did not come to it.

China has prioritized space exploration in recent years as it competes with Russia and the United States by 2030 to become an important space energy.


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