Sunday , January 29 2023

Apple recognizes the “serious flaw” of the iPhone 11 and offers a free replacement


She asked the phone owners to make an appointment at one of her stores.

American company Apple said that a small number of iPhone 11 phones suffer from technical problems, namely, their screen does not respond to touch.

And its site announced that it will replace these screens for free as part of a new replacement program.

And Apple said in a statement that iPhone 11 screens manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 could become unresponsive due to a problem with the device itself.

Apple did not specifically explain why the screen stops responding to touch, but asked the owners of these phones to be manufactured during this period.

And ask Apple from iPhone 11 phone owners who have affected the screens for the specified period of time to just check your phone’s serial number on the support page to see if they’re eligible for a free replacement or not.

Apple indicated that owners of affected phones can find a company-approved service provider and make an appointment at one of Apple’s retail stores, and if they are unable to leave the home, they can contact Apple Support and arrange a free replacement service through Mail to Apple Repair Center because those whose screens have already been repaired and paid for are eligible for a refund.

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