Sunday , March 26 2023

An American study reveals new benefits of fish oil and vitamin D.


According to a large US study to determine the vitamin D supplement and fish oil's health benefits, vitamin D and fish oil did not reduce the risk, but vitamin D and fish oil did not reduce the risk of heart attack, and the vitamin D benefits appear to reduce mortality from cancer Infection or cancer itself. The study found that the rate of heart attack for those who ate fish oil was 28 percent lower than those who took false drugs and increased the risk of African-Americans by 77 percent. But a senior investigator told Reuters Health that this large number needs approval. Dr. Joan Manson, Head of Preventive Medicine at the Brigham & Wymen Hospital in Bronton, said that cancer mortality among those taking vitamin D was 25 percent lower. "It may be because this vitamin can affect the tumor's essential structure, the possibility of spreading it to other parts of the body." "So we can see a decrease in cancer-related mortality, but not a decrease in initial diagnosis. This requires a longer study … If we talk about Cancer prevention, treatment can take place over a decade, "she said in a telephone interview. The new study was published online at the New England Journal of Medicine. Most of the previous studies are aimed at volunteers who already have a high risk of heart attack, stroke or cancer. The study was attended by 25,771 participants aged 50 and before, none of them found a heart attack, stroke or cancer. More than half of them followed the research for more than five years.

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