Wednesday , March 3 2021

Al-Yawm Al-Yawm, Minister for Employment Musk Al-Youm: 70% of the Kingdom's population is young and talented.

Today, the MESC World Forum hosted its third edition of the Four Seasons Hotel in Rijea, titled "Future Skills", which has a wide presence in a wide range of media from around the world, with the participation of international rapporteurs, international partners and many international youth organizations. Thousands of young and executive leaders, business leaders and government and private sector officials.

Minister of Labor and Social Development Ahmed Bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi and international rapporteurs attended the opening session, entitled "Your skills are everything." During the meeting, he spoke about the problems facing the Kingdom in developing the skills of young people in accordance with the requirements of the 2030 Vision.

"All the skills needed in the job market are constantly changing, and now we are planning to make sure that every young person in Saudi Arabia when he is engaged in education has a clear plan," he said. It works when it finishes.

"We have about 12 million expatriates in the Kingdom and have a positive economic impact, and the Vision 2030 is about how to benefit young people in Saudi Arabia.

"Young people in Saudi Arabia are talented and 70 percent of the population is young," he said. "There is a debate and debate between knowledge and skills that are needed all the time. Today's debate is more about skills requirements than knowledge-based demands." We need to work with education and employers to meet the demands of the labor market and the necessary jobs. "

Minister of Education Dr Ahmed Al-Issa said: "We review all the necessary disciplines in the labor market and how to adapt them to market needs"

But Communications Minister Abdullah bin Amers Al-Sawah said: "We focus on three areas, including artificial intelligence and information security, so far, 300,000 students have been studying in kindergartens to grade 12 and are trying to reach one million students.

International speakers have also separated the basic knowledge that young people must face in the challenge of change.

The second session of the Misk Global Forum on the Future Skills for the World, the role of key corporations for the participation of young people in decision-making, and called for young people to speak with young people, not young people, with the opportunity to participate actively in decision-making.

In the third edition, the forum focuses on three main themes: the development of individuals to identify the most important skills that individuals need to succeed in the next economy, and adapt to the interactive staffing and machine collaboration, which creates a constructive relationship between the two parties, as technology is rapidly evolving. (Promoting human co-operation), which calls for the development of social skills as one of the most important tools to deal with changing times.

The forum aims to promote four key competences: inspiration, challenge, collaboration and experience, listening to innovative insights, helping to prepare for the future, testing hypotheses and thinking patterns, and building sustainable relationships to build the ever-growing Musk Global community.

The Forum also identified the most important future skills that participants should take in practice, namely: (innovative thinking), (social intelligence), (critique and decision making) and (adaptation and perseverance) and (initiative and self-direction) Manage communication with others and interact with the environment through the recognition of emotions and the assessment of information in various decisions, as well as an independent mentality that well identifies needs, allocates resources and achieves goals.

To achieve these goals, the seminar was organized in several interactive rooms. In the skills lab, we will conduct interviews with the world's leading talent leaders and skill centers. Skill seminars will be held practically with an international panel of experts. Workshop on Brainstorming, Professional Relationships and Future Skills Co-operation. Skills Lab allows participants to learn about the most advanced techniques.

The MESC Global Forum will be organized under the Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Musk Charity Initiative and will continue to operate from November 14-15, 2018.

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