Friday , June 9 2023

Al-Riyadh's Shura newspaper approves the new university system and nominates it to the king


Excluded professors and employees from the work system

Shura approves the new university system and nominates it to the king

On Tuesday, the unanimous vote of Maj. Al-Shura on the project of the new university system confirmed the amendments made by the Education and Research Committee, for example, by supplementing university education materials. The committee also responded to the opinion of the expert group that held the teaching staff and the like. It entered into force on the civil service and provided for their continuation in their functional systems to which the University Affairs Council proposes a procedure for dealing with them and submits them for completion.

He supported the project of the new university system despite the opposition of some members to the nature of the independence that came into the system and was considered to be unclear, there is still a lot of bureaucracy and the Soviets and voted against the approval of the system by 39 members.

Riyadh has suggested that the functions contained in the organizational structure are addressed in connection with their creation, modification or modification, in accordance with the rules and procedures laid down by the University Affairs Council, provided for in the proposed system. The Commission warned that part of the university budget would be financed by the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Minister of Labor and Development of the Ministry of Finance and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs And others.

The expert group deletes the article on the competence of universities to set up one or more companies that invest in their property or otherwise, and may belong wholly or in conjunction with the public or private sector, while a study on the establishment of state-owned companies and other government agencies to set up companies or participate in it. or owned, the Commission agreed on a proposal that universities should retain their revenues in accordance with the provisions of the new system. The Commission considered that the gradual implementation of the university system should be the enforcement mechanism most used by the three universities. It is then gradually applied to other universities, as the Council deems appropriate, on condition that a biennial report on the results of the application of the new university system and its benefits are presented , difficulties, etc., if any. And the work of the University Affairs Council is carried out from the University Affairs Council from the day it was published. The Interim Committee, set up by the Council of Ministers March 12, 2002 Decision No. 1436, the operation is terminated for the abolition of the functions of the Higher Education Council, the University Council will continue its work on the universities that will continue to apply the system. Universities for which a new system will be applied will grant a transitional period of one year from the date of its entry into force. The existing university regulations will continue to the general provisions of the financial, administrative and academic rules of universities. In order to comply with the provisions of the law in a way that does not limit the powers of the Board of Governors under the supervision of the School, the University Council may extend the one-year transition period from the day this law enters into force.

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