Tuesday , February 7 2023

Al-Riyadh's Jardim newspaper is a candidate for Real Madrid


Leonardo Jardim

According to press reports, Real Madrid wants to sign Portuguese coach Leonardo Jardim from Monaco, despite the promising results of Argentinean Santiago Solar, a temporary replacement for Gulen Lobetigui, which is also considered to be poor. The Associated Press reported that the source close to Jardim, 44, has shown Champions League champions' desire to be Portugal's "first team coach permanently" during the last three seasons.

In the last few days, the Spanish newspaper "Marca" said that the club Florentino Perez wants to take over his Portuguese team's first team if he does not maintain his current position. Jardim made Monaco in the first title 2016-2017. The season was over for 17 years, but he was dismissed last month after the team dropped considerably, replacing former ex-star Thierry Henry. During his time, Monaco Jardim was able to take the lead in the ranks of new players who have become world-renowned and moved to other clubs such as Cillian Mbabi, Fabenio and Toma Limar. Jardim previously supervised several clubs, including Piramar, Braga, Greek Olympiacos and Sporting. Lopegeti left White Castle after 14 games due to bad results for the club, the last miserable loss for the rival Barcelona 1-5 League, to resolve this season, rather than Zinedine Zidane, who left behind the team for three consecutive titles in the Champions League.

Radeef's team leader Solari has already played Serie A in two games, winning first place in the low Melilla Cup 4-0 and Valladolid 2-0. However, the rules of the Spanish federation do not allow Solari to remain a temporary driver for more than 14 days, so Real must set him up or accept a new coach until the following Monday. Other media names include Italian Antonio Konte (despite reports that conversations took place between him and Real) and Spanish coach Robert Martinez.


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