Friday , June 9 2023

Al Rajhi Bank launches first certified business plan


Al Rajhi Bank has signed an agreement with Watasab's owner to launch the first documented business platform in the UK.
With this new platform, the bank will be able to communicate with its customers and easily answer their questions. The bank has consolidated the Watasab number to match the regular bank number of 920003344. The bank is currently adding more services to this platform.
It appears that Al Rajhi Bank is committed to providing all channels available to its customers, including social media channels, and that management is not only about the provision of services, but also the different ways in which they are offered, especially if they facilitate and speed up their services.
This service increases the position of the bank as the leader of e-banking services, providing customers with the bank with the desired e-channel. This service is also a new episode in the series of digital banking in the Bank, which is achieved through a series of innovative services that continue to grow, About bank management in e-banking and banking services as a whole.

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