Tuesday , October 4 2022

After defeat before Tigris .. Mohammed Wahba is the director and coach of Ismaili


Yalla Kora Yalla Shot

The Izmails Board, led by Ibrahim Osman, decided to meet with Brazilian Josep Vieira, Technical Director of Darawish, to determine the causes for the downfall of the results, despite the availability and performance of all-level requests. Learn discipline in the team.

The Izmails Board noted that the current phase requires concerted efforts and should be behind the team to overcome this obstacle and quickly return to victory, given the team's participation, and in particular the African Championships and the Zayed Cup Championships.

Ismaili lost at Wadi Degla 3-1 in Izmir Stadium in the 13th quarter.

Dervich is in 11th place with 13 points in the league table.

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