Sunday , February 28 2021

9 Self-monitoring reveals that you have serious illnesses

PARIS: Clinical Expert Dr. Sarah Jarvis has recommended taking home medical care for health checks.

These tips were:

Check urine and stools
If the color of the urine is very dark, it indicates that it is suffering from dehydration and blood coagulation in the urine is an early indication of bladder cancer, according to Jarvis.

She pointed out that a healthy faeces is brown and may become green if you consume large amounts of vegetables and may blush after eating.

"If the color of the stool is dark red or black, it may be a sign of internal bleeding that as soon as possible requires a doctor to visit."

Touch your fingers

If you can not do this, it can be a sign of heart disease, Sarah said.

Jump in place

This procedure helps you to know how much fat your body vibrates, indicating weight gain, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and 11 different cancers.

Pick up and sit back and then get up again

"Try to sit and stand several times in 30 seconds to measure leg strength and strength. If you are in the sixties, it should be done at least 12 times," says Sarah.

Failure to stand and sit several times in a row may indicate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which causes breathing difficulties.

Comparison between the ankles

Sarah suggested comparing chest pain to avoid chronic ulceration on the legs.

Looking solid and straight
This test can tell you that there are eye problems. The curvature vision refers to age-related macular degeneration.

Kissing on the knees
Parents can use this screening to check if their children have meningitis.
If the child is suffering from fever and pain, ask him to try and kiss his knees, noting that if the child succeeded in doing this, it is unlikely that he will have meningitis.

Check heart palpitations

Do not ignore heart palpitations, this may indicate that the atrial fibrillation is shining, thereby increasing the chance of a stroke.

Pull your fingers

Damage to the blood vessels leads to high blood sugar and may damage the kidneys or eyes or damage the nerves.

So ask someone to stick or touch your fingers, and if you do not feel it, you suffer from nerve damage.

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